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​  I am going to try and document my game development process for anyone who wants to learn the things I have. 

I started out on a program called construct 2. I have learned a lot for this platform and from making bubble pop arena. I am very proud of bubble pop arena as it is my first game to make it to market. It took me 6 months to create thru the process of learning how to make a game with construct 2 I also had to learn how to deal with submitting the app thru a game wrapper since construct 2 doesn't do it for you.

There are many constraints to mobile games. You can't use particles much in construct 2 and you have to be careful of how many objects you spawn at once for a good frame rate. The system they have in place for sizing the screen correctly for mobile devices doesn't work the same for each platform. When I had to change the design of the game I had to request each level piece by piece.

The construct 2 community is very supportive as long as you try to figure out the issue yourself first. Make sure you look in the forums for you answers and look online for answers before you post questions. There are many who have the same issue as you.

You will get many errors as you go along and errors after you publish. Here is a major word of caution IT costs a lot of money and time to make a game even with a simple programming tool. You will not get rich quick I have yet to make a profit off of Bubble pop arena. I am hoping my other games will be successful. I want to build a game company so I'm sticking to the company and making the best of it.

Know your scene design have all the buttons and options and layout all figured out graphical before you complete the game. Alignment and consistent text makes a world of difference so do not fail to do this. Some other limitations to construct 2 you can't use text consistently not the way they have it setup for mobiles. You have to get a text put it in gimp or Photoshop put transparency on and import it as a sprite.

Construct is a great tool but Ludie who has a game wrapper for construct 2 does a poor job of updating their system. I have had many issues with my game primarily due to that company and still cannot update bpa on apple due to not being able to work with the new update they have. Huge issue that they refuse to fix. So, this causes me to abandon construct 2, and look at other options.

I have chosen Gamesalad it is very user friendly and has all the options I need and want for my games. It has ads, build in game center connect, and in app purchase ability. I am using this for my new game and I am planning on resubmitting an update to BPA on this as well the only down side is the cost 300$ per year for this program. But this system avoids all the issues I had with construct 2 and Ludie primarily.

Be very careful of people who just want to leach off your company and provide no value. Make sure you have your support. While we are on the topic of support telling me, my game is great when its utter garbage does not help me. I don't like negative feedback no one does but I need the truth to get better.

I formed and LLC for my business this is so I will not be personally liable for anything but you can right off business expenses computers graphics etc. etc. Also, apple will not let you put your company name in unless you are an LLC or corp. of some kind. No one wants to buy games from my personal name its best from my company name “DeMDA Games LLC”.

Again let me stress all this is expensive and unless you have partners it’s all on you to take care of all expenses. The best part about this is you get the majority of the income. Let’s talk profit share versus paid. Profit share is great if you can find someone willing to work for the percentage they get.

I have had artist mostly who sign up for games then I never see graphics or never see graphics for months at a time. Just buy the graphics if you can apparently, artist don't want to work for possible income but just at actual income and work twice as hard. I love the artist community though they have provided tons of free art out there also make sure to get as much as you can just in case you need it. Google free game art make sure it has no copyright at all.

Make a game get it out there is the number one goal.
Always research as much as you can about the game making industry and how to make a game. You can never read too many articles or understand too much of how to make a game. I have yet to make a blockbuster seller but you have to start somewhere. 

So vigilante show down has been out for a few months and while the reviews were OK and I did a little advertising it has not turned a profit yet.

Artist are unreliable and expensive so I have turned to doing my own art work I have photoshop and graphics gale and I'm looking to go to unity. The benefits of unity are that it is a professional building platform.

I have taken a good amount of time to learn about game development, and graphics. I have acquired new graphic programs that help me build more complex graphics. I am learning what not to do in game development, and I am sure I will have many more learning experiences. 

Even if it takes me some time to get some games out. I have not quit producing games, and working on bettering my company. I don’t think a person can put this amount of time, and money into something to not be serious about it. I do not want to mass produce subpar games as some do. 

I want to make a game that I personally would want to play for hours. 
2+ years of research and I haven’t made a new game.
Sounds like a long time but I still have tons to learn. I am also studying programming. Java for now and C# for unity when I can.
Get Udemy Its an online education site. It usually has 10$ courses on programming, game development, graphics, and more. If you learn enough you might be able to teach your own class.
Here are some tools that I have bought to help with game development.
IClone 5 and 6 (from Real illusion) – this is a 3d graphic maker it is very expensive (and they make a new update every other year and you have to pay full price for it again) Horrible money grab but great graphics.
Crazy Talk Animator 2 + 3 (from Real illusion) - Another graphic program for 2d graphics form the same company (again expensive and they make new tools often and you have to pay for it again)
Crazy Talk 8 (from Real illusion) – this is another graphic program but it’s more like a lip-syncing face and upper body animator.
The Graphic packs from Real Illusion are good but expensive, and they try to get as much money from you as much as they can.
Humble bundle has had some great deals over the past 2 – 3 years.  I have gotten Game maker for cheap 40$ for almost all of the pro and development versions. Click team Fusion 2.5 for 20$, and when UDK when free I also have received a huge graphic package for $20 I have to figure out how to use in unity.
Some of the Unity packages I have bought to help with game development.
Programing Tools:

Playmaker – Visual scripting program.
RPG Map Editor – A RPG Map maker and engine for unity.
Adventure creator – A visual scripting program.
Makinom – a visual scripting program.

2D Toolkit – Helps with 2D graphics for UI and Text.
2D Isometric tiles, and foliage packs from golden studios – Isometric tile graphics.
Sprite tile – Sets up sprite sheets.
Customizable Pixel Art Character Kit – Isometric Pixel art characters.
Qmaze – Procedurally generated mazes.
Ultimate Isometric Toolkit – Isometric game tool for Isometric graphics.
Honey Hex frame work – A program that makes Hex maps very nice.
UI – Gamestrap – UI creator.
Mesh Maker – a graphical tool set does many things.
UI – Builder – Another UI builder.
DozzyUI – UI creator and program animator tool.
Gaia Terrain creator – Creates full 3D terrains.
Gena – populates terrains in unity with prefabs easier
Medieval World Creation Kit – Buildings and props for a Medieval world.
Cartoon Low Poly Pack – Low Poly Cartoon Buildings and props.
2DxFX: 2D Sprite FX – 2D graphical effects.
Multistory Dungeons – a full dungeons build kit.
NextGen Sprites – A 2D Graphic effects kit.
Sprite baking studio – turns 3D to 2D.
Aquas – Creates realistic water 3D.
Stronghold Village – 3D Graphics.
Energy Bar Toolkit – Creates and animates energy bars.
Sabre CSG Level Design tools – Level designer.
Pro Core Bundle – huge asset for making 3d assets and levels.
Village Exterior and Interior kit from 3d forge – 3d buildings and props.
MegaTextures pack – Textures
Erosion Brush – creates erosion on terrains.
Vertex tools Pro – Creates different effects on textures.
Distingo – used on textures for terrains works with Gaia.
Multiple terrain brush – merges terrains together and also a nice brush for textures.
Make your fantasy Game – 3d Building and props.
Tenkoku Dynamic sky – realistic sky with weather effects.
Movement Animset Pro – 3d character animation.
Skele Character animation tools: animation tolls and vertex tools.
Camera Filter pack – filters for camera effects.
UBER – Shader editor.
Tiny architecture construction Kit – isometric room look with 3d objects.
Surforge – Texture editor and creator.
Programs that do specific things:

Easy Save – Makes game saving easy.
Mad Level manager – manages scenes in unity.
Advanced FPS counter –  Shows Frames per second.
Easy Touch 5 – Helps with touch imput.
Inventory pro – Inventory system (also does crafting).
Poly|Nav – 2d Pathfinding tool.
Octave3D (Worldbuilder) – Makes building worlds and using graphic packs easier to setup.
THE Dialogue Engine – Does NPC Dialogue and quests.
Love/Hate – This creates factions, and interactions between factions if they like you or not based on your interactions.
2D Dynamic Lights and shadows – Creates shadows on 2d items.
DOTween PRO – animations.
Text Mesh Pro – Text creator and editor.
Anti-Cheat Toolkit – Prevent cheating.
Ultimate Mobile – Tool kit for mobile platforms, monetization, and leader boards so on.
Pro Camera 2D – as great camera tool for 2d games.
Advance Tools Mega pack – Level of detail for games, making buildings destructible and other tools.
Easy outline – Creates outlines on 3d objects.
G2U – lets you use Google Spreadsheets in unity.
Easy Scatter – prefab brush
Advances Battle AI – AI system.
Enhanced scroller – Creates scrolling Menu.
Camera perspective editor – camera tools.
Editor camera – camera tools.
Navmesh Extention – 3d nav mesh creation.
Simple waypoint system – creates way points and moves npcs.
Camera path Animator – creates camera path animation.
Uconstruct – Setup player building system ingame
Third person motion controller – motion controller. Animations ect.
Grab Yer Assets – Asset organizer
Auto fence and wall builder – creates easy walls and fences on multi terrain.
Tradesys – Creates trading system for your games,
uMMO – networking and multiplayer system.
Auto Texture tiling tool – Tiles textures.

Universal Sound FX – Music and sounds pack.
Master Audio: AAA sound – Helps you use music and sound effectively.
Mega Game Music collection – Music pack.
Ultimate Game Music Collection – Music pack